Why Homeschool Series: Reason #4

Our fourth reason why we like to homeschool is socialization. Yes, I said that. The most common question homeschool moms are asked is, “Aren’t you worried about their socialization?” My pat answer is, “Yes, we are terribly worried about their socialization. That’s why we homeschool.” Seriously, the social question is about as ludicrous as it could be. Throwing children together with a roomful of children all the same age does not reflect real life as they will experience it as adults. And how does dealing with bullies prepare them for real life? If an adult were physically assaulted by someone or had their money stolen, we’d call the police and press charges. Society expects children to put up with a lot more than adults would.

Then there is the lack of morals in the public schools, where foul language is commonplace in junior high hallways, and even elementary schools in many places, where drinking and sexual behavior runs rampant in high schools. Sure, it’s important to teach our children about what they will come up against in the real world, but delaying their actual exposure to it gives us the opportunity to fortify them first, so that when they are surrounded by it someday, they will be strong and have the tools available to fight temptations and choose the right path.

Additionally, homeschooled children tend to be fairly good at developing mature behavior. Most homeschoolers find it natural to relate to people of all ages, including adults. I have happily watched as children aged five to sixteen played games together at homeschool group parties, the older ones helping the younger ones, everyone having fun together. My children have easily made friends with others both older and younger than they.

Many people don’t realize the social extent of the homeschool culture. There are organized groups everywhere, often with so many activities going on that families can pick and choose how involved they want to be. My children have taken part in geography and spelling bees, science fairs, arts festivals, chess club, played on a soccer team, and attended numerous plays, concerts, field trips, roller skating days, and parties, all with our homeschool groups. Outside of homeschool, they actively participate in Boy Scouts and church youth programs and have had multiple opportunities for volunteer service and public speaking. No homeschooler needs to be anti-social unless they want to!

~to be continued~

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