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Happy New Year to everyone from the Eagle’s Quill! I trust that we’re all making some writing-related resolutions and plowing ahead with them. Let’s get started this year with some website recommendations. These are just a few of the many out there that are excellent helps for writers. These are my personal favorites, and I bet you will gain fantastic insight from them as well.

Novel Writing Help – – “Writing a novel just got easier” they promise on their front page. Yep, it works as they say. Over 200 articles on everything from craft to industry subjects, and all totally free!

Authors Think Tank – – They’re havin’ some fun over there. I love how many of their articles draw on well-known books and movies to teach a concept.

Writers in the Storm – – Another wealth of great how-to articles, something for everyone.

Live Write Thrive – – Novelist/editor C.S. Lakin covers the basics and beyond.

Authors Publish Magazine – – A free email magazine for writers. Sign up for news regarding the latest publishers accepting submissions, as well as writing help and industry news.

Sprint Writers Central – – Need some accountability and camaraderie with other writers? Use this site to communicate with writing buddies and set some goals for writing sprints. They tell you right on the front page how it works.

Have a great writing year, and feel free to share your favorite sites with us in the comments.


  1. Hello Shelly Davis, My name is Regina and I have been trying to locate you,having no luck, If you are the Shelly Davis who lives in Dublin as a author, I am interested in chatting with you. I have been writing a childrens story since 2009, I am revising it now and would like to see if you would be interested in reading it , I would love to get it out in the public, I write for a pastime and do my own drawings, could you please contac me at my e-mail address…

    • Hello, Regina. Sorry, but I’m not in Dublin, so I must not be the one you are searching for. I do offer an editing service on my website if you’re interested. Best wishes with your children’s story, and I hope you can get it into the public eye too!

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