Time for Cabin Fever Busters

Winter CabinI’m guessing that I probably speak for a lot of homeschoolers when I say that January is probably our slowest month of the year. All the fun holiday activities of the last couple months, including the anticipation since the beginning of the school year, have suddenly slammed to a halt. It’s miserably cold; the sun goes down early; and there’s just not much going on. That’s when we start having what we call Cabin Fever Busters.

Most of the time, this just involves taking our schoolwork to the library for a change of scenery. And if the library isn’t already one of your favorite locations…that’s just horrifically sad. After a couple of hours of doing school, plus some time getting lost amongst library books, we head to a favorite fast food place for lunch. We don’t do that real often, so it’s a treat when we do.

Following lunch we might add in a fun activity. When the boys were little it was sometimes the indoor playground at the fast food restaurant, or Chuck E. Cheese’s. Nowadays it might be the nearby sledding hill or a matinee movie. Possibilities abound, depending on your own creativity and interests.

It really takes so little effort and money to take boring, claustrophobic days up a notch while still accomplishing schoolwork. We always look forward to our January Cabin Fever Busters.

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