“Into Your Thought” by David Davis

A Valentine’s gem from David “Harley” Davis

If I send you a flower

You can throw it away

But the thought will not wither

Only linger

 I could send you a timepiece

And by your neglect stop its pace

But not forevermore

The thought will keep its own time

Vintage key and letterI could send you a note

And by your hand alone

It lay crumpled in waste

But the thought lay indelibly there

I could send you my heart

And unrequited it breaks

And no thought to heal

And I perish evermore.

Tea Time Poetry for Valentines


By David Kimball Davis

Butterfly wings gently flutter, filling spring with softness

Sweet lips of lovers lustre in the shining sun

The taste of honey sweetens a savored kiss that’s left

A pounding in my heart and a joy that’s never done

Gentle breezes brush my face, filling my chest with freshness.

The wisp of clouds hush the hues of a brilliant sky.

Beneath the waving tips of trees I watch them passing.

Everlasting, as with love for her lying there nearby.

A smile that brightens cloud-filled skies

That lightens hearts and fills me with hope and gladdened eyes

Enabling me to see beyond eternity

To a place we will share all of our joy and all of our time and all of our love

A gentle voice that shares golden words falling from lips speaking

Only choice thoughts, and reaching

with tender kindness that I am glad to be familiar with

I hear them echoing far into my heart

I hear them coming from her sweet smile

The gift so freely given I have willingly returned all the while

And as the sun sets this day

It will ever and always be this way

Warm winds caress my heart and remind

me of holding you beneath the Eiffel Tower

A gentle breeze wafts through and fixes my

memory of Paris, an Autumn love.

One carefully placed kiss in a quaint room

on the Auteuil was passion-filled and

enriched my thoughts of forever with you.

Oh, we anxiously await another day, a day

that is yet to come, where our hands will

swing as we stroll along the Seine.

Paris is only Paris, if it is Paris with you.

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