Pina Colada Smoothie

Pina Colada Smoothie

We love fruit smoothies, and generally no recipe is needed. You just freeze any and all kinds of fruit (this way no fruit ever goes bad at our house). Then combine whatever fruits you prefer with some liquid in your blender: juice, nectar, milk. Yogurt is always a good add-in too, plain or flavored.

Need to feel some connection to tropical climes without actually traveling there? Try this for a yummy refresher. It’s our newest smoothie experiment that got raves. There’re no measurements for these things. You just adjust according to your own tastes.

Frozen pineapple (ours was from a fresh pineapple, but you can used canned)

Frozen chopped mango


13.5-oz. can of coconut milk

Sugar to taste

Blend till smooth and enjoy. A few drops of rum extract would probably be a great addition too.


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