Somerset Book Club Visit

Thank you to the Somerset Book Club in Spanish Fork, Utah, for featuring my book Eagle Shadow for this month’s reading and for hosting me Thursday evening. I had a wonderful time visiting with them. They noticed how my eyes lit up when talking about my characters, and you know, it’s true. I love talking about my characters as if they are real people. That’s the reason we authors do what we do. We create worlds that are so real to us that we simply must bring others along and show it to them too.

I love these kind of informal book club visits because I like to let the conversation lead in whatever direction the readers want to go, and it’s always fun to see where that will be. We ended up talking a lot about the research needed for an Old West novel, and I got to reminisce about some of the very unusual ways I learned things to include in my book. The club members also picked up on the nuances of the characters in Eagle Shadow, just as I hoped they would. I felt like they were on board with me all the way.

And an extra bonus. It turned out many club members are also writers, so there was some great shop talk going on, and I made some new friends. Thanks, Somerset Book Club, and to Angela Ingo for arranging the meeting!

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