“Remember to say ‘Rabbit'”

Easter candy

That’s what our family says on the last evening of every month. It’s a little-publicized tradition that seems to have English roots, but which has been passed down in my mother’s family. What happened was, on the first day of every month when we woke up, or anytime after midnight, the first word we spoke had to be the word “Rabbit”. If you remembered and did it, you were supposed to be able to expect a gift that month, from somewhere. You had to be able to creatively look for it and recognize it when you got it, a great exercise in practicing gratitude.

Now not everyone played along. My dad would purposely say, “Turkey,” “Squirrel,” or other various and sundry animals. It didn’t seem to affect his gift-getting one way or the other, but as a lover of staid traditions, I have carried it on in my own family. The kids and I make an honest effort to remind each other to say it each month. (My husband follows in the footsteps of my dad. What’s with you guys anyway?)

Don’t laugh, but this is what we do on New Year’s Eve. We count down, saying “Five, four, three, two, one, RABBIT, HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Who couldn’t use a gift in the long, cold month of January, y’know?

Well, whether you subscribe to help from bunnies or not, I wish all my fans, friends, and readers of the Eagle’s Quill a most healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year 2014. The Eagle’s Quill is now one year old and I appreciate all your support.I have some exciting posts planned for 2014 as we explore books, writing, and musings together.

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