Legendary Evening With the Bountiful Book Club

Eagle Shadow

Fun times with the Bountiful book club last night! First, I confess I’m directionally challenged, so the evening began with me calling the hostess for help. “Oh, I can find your house with no problem,” I assured her. “It’s Bountiful I can’t find.” The evening finally commenced with the arrival of the late Shelly Davis.

We had a good discussion about Eagle Shadow with thoughtful questions and comments about the story and my experience in writing it. We touched on the topic of the research that goes into a historical novel and the many interesting ways an author can come across useful information, even when not actively looking for it.

I was pleased to hear how long this book club has been active (about eight years). It was a great group; we laughed a lot; and I had one of the best times I’ve ever had as a book club guest. I’m also very excited that Eagle Shadow has gained some new fans and that they’re eager to read the sequel, Eagle Rising, as well, and some already have.

Thank you, book club members and Tami George, for hosting a fabulous night.

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