Homeschool Recommendation Series: Websites

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Here is a list of websites that have been helpful for our homeschool. So many good resources, so little time!

Home Science Tools – A place to find all your science curriculum and laboratory needs. They sell books, kits, microscopes, dissection tools and specimens, and all kinds of tools for exploring the world around us and above. There are also lots of experiments on their site, with all the necessary ingredients and directions.

National Center for Constitutional Studies – Get all your American history and government education books and videos, and copies of America’s founding documents. Resources available for young children through adults wanting to learn more about their country.

Lissa Explains It All – HTML help for kids. Step-by-step help in making your own web pages.

BBC Dance Mat Typing – Kid-friendly free online keyboarding (formerly known as typing) courses and practice. You can be timed and monitor your improvement.

Khan Academy – A library of over 3000 online educational videos on a massive range of subjects. Most are about 5-8 minutes long. You can just watch, or sign up and acquire points and badges for progress. – An online store of 10-20-minute DVDs on current events, and social and economical issues. Teachers (including homeschool teachers) can get one free DVD mailed to you per school year.

Classical Christian Education Support Loop – Lots of helps and resources, and very, I mean very extensive book lists of classics for every age group.

Teach With Movies – Whatever you’re studying, there’s been a movie made to go with it. Many you’ve heard of, many you haven’t. This site lists movies divided by school subjects, and there are even lesson plans to use if you need them.

Paula’s Archives – Just a little of everything: homeschool articles, tips and advice, curriculum recommendations, book lists. Go wild!

Cathy Duffy Reviews – The premier site for homeschool curriculum reviews. She reviews hundreds of books on all subjects, telling you how lessons are laid out, what’s helpful, what’s not, how much teacher preparation is needed, cost, etc. – Not just for homeschoolers. Look up any book you want and this site will find where copies are for sale online, giving you cost including shipping, condition of the book if used, and links to the online stores for each copy listed. Because of this site, I have found a 60 dollar advanced math book for 4 dollars, and an 80 dollar junior high art history book for 10. This is the first site I check when looking for a specific book.

YouTube – Probably too obvious, but keep in mind you can view any high school science lab on here, as well as view historic news footage.  

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