Homeschool Kids Say the Darndest Things

Welcome to summer on the Eagle’s Quill, where for the next couple weeks I’ll have some summer-fun posts.

In our homeschool, we take summers off from “real” school, but we do a few brief, fun things just to keep our brains active and the fire for learning going. Each day we do a Word of the Day. We learn the spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of a new word and are challenged to use it in a sentence at least once during the day, with the reward being a small treat of some kind.

I was pleased to discover that a few of the words actually “stick” in the long term for my kids. At the conclusion of our last day of school, they like to do the age-old chant “No more pencils, no more books. No more teacher’s dirty looks.” A couple years ago, Tristan slightly reworded it, chanting “No more pencils, no more books. No more teacher’s nefarious looks!”

That’s my boy!………..Wait, was he insulting me?!

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