Homeschool Funny 2

Organization–if they offered a Ph.D. in that, that’s what I would’ve gone for! So it naturally followed that when my son Taylor reached the ripe old age of three, it was past time that I teach him to make and follow a schedule. And since he was reading and writing then (refer to this post), I thought it’d be fun to show him how to plan his day and write down stuff like 1) coloring 2) lunch 3) read with Mom, etc. Yeah, I sound like a fun mom, huh?

But anyway, he liked the plan and made out a most impressive schedule if I do say so myself. A short time later, he was naughty and had to stand in the corner for a few minutes. I don’t remember why. And no, it wasn’t for not following the schedule. (What do you think I am? An organization nut or something?!) He, however, was an organization nut because he very angrily wailed from the corner, “THIS WAS NOT ON THE SCHEDULE!”…….One of those times you can’t stifle your laughter and have to pretend you’re laughing about something else.


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