Fine-Tune Your Writing Series: Editing for Others

ID-100130371In the last of this series on fine-tuning your writing, everyone knows writing and editing go hand in hand, and I have had the privilege of working for many years as an editor. While it isn’t my dream job, it has given me immeasurable experience in fine-tuning others’ writing, which in turn, helps me to more easily catch blips in my own work. I’ve actually had the bonus experience of editing books about writing. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Passive vs. active sentence constructions have often tripped me up, but editing a book about such really cleared up some murky waters for me.

I love to look back and see how, in so many ways, life has brought me experiences which fine-tuned my writing without my notice. I firmly believe that if you are passionate about something and willing to put in as much work as necessary for as long as necessary, those experiences will naturally come to you, and it’s your job to grab them and build on them to reach the heights you’re capable of. You’ll be surprised at just how high you can go.

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