End-of-Homeschool-Year Traditions: Field Day


In the last of this three-part series on our end-of-homeschool-year traditions, I’ll tell about the last event that closes out the school year for us. (You can never celebrate these things too much.) In the last segment, I talked about our family graduation on a Monday night in June. The next day, Tuesday, is field day. The boys write out a whole list of outdoor games and contests that the three of us (and sometimes available friends join us) can play. Here is a book we refer to that has game ideas for as few as two to four people and that can also be played in a small backyard if needed, The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book.

We love the nearby park for our field day, though. It’s about a mile away and has big grassy fields, picnic tables under large shade trees, a creek running through it, a fishing pond, and a three-story observation tower. We pack up whatever equipment is needed for the games on the list, a picnic lunch, and water bottles, and head over for a couple hours, before it gets too hot in the afternoon. There we play Frisbee, badminton, race each other kicking footballs (one per person) to a line and back, run foot races, crabwalk races, play hide and seek, croquet, and just walk around enjoying nature so close to our home.

We’re always sad to see it end. Not that we can’t go there anytime and play—and we do—but just because the annual field day has the official stamp of “tradition” all over it. NOW the school year is really a done deal. Bring on the lazy days of summer!

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