Eagle Shadow

Eagle Shadow


Bound by blood to two peoples, accepted by none…

“like the shadow of the eagle, you make new trails”

Nate Hunter was born half-Cheyenne and half-white and lives as a contented, ordinary ranch hand until his heritage irrevocably ensnares him in the midst of the conflict between his two peoples. He has learned expert tracking and hunting skills from his Cheyenne father, and this knowledge serves him well as he makes a daring escape from an Indian massacre of which he is one of the only survivors, and flees into the mountains where he leads the lonely life of a fugitive sought by both of his peoples. Where once he felt loyalty to both sides, now everyone becomes an enemy, and he must rely on his keen senses and knowledge of the mountains to survive.

Almost as challenging are his clashes with the strong-willed and attractive Tara Sinclair, member of a wealthy and prestigious family of landowners. As Nate’s only contact with civilization, it is her help he must have and her intervention that sets off a battle between his two peoples, a fight in which he is forced to choose a side. When he is eventually called on to mediate peace negotiations, his questionable reputation with the United States Cavalry as well as the Indians’ suspicions of him jeopardize his very life and the hopes of hundreds of white settlers who live in fear of the powerful Northern Cheyenne nation.

Eagle Shadow is a riveting tale of passion and betrayal, and a dramatic portrayal of one man’s personal conflict set against a beautiful but unforgiving frontier.

Native American


Soon the three of them crouched near a cluster of granite rocks, boxed in on three sides by Indian shooters.  Mark pushed Tara down behind him and got off a couple of rounds, killing two attackers.  Nate propped himself up on one knee and started chambering rounds and firing in rapid succession.  He made every bullet count, taking down an Indian on every shot.  Mark covered for him while he reloaded the magazine; in no time he was ready to fire again.

As soon as Nate saw a break in the attack on them he gave Mark a shove.  “It’s clear!  Go!”

Mark and Tara ran from their hiding place while Nate kept his eyes trained on his sights and his finger on the trigger.  They had gone about fifty feet when new shots and arrows began whizzing by them.  From their protected spot behind a tree Mark gestured to Nate that he was going to take Tara into a different direction to avoid confrontation with Indians.  A moment later they both ran off to the right, disappearing from Nate’s view.

“Damn,” Nate muttered to himself.  He’d been separated from Mark, and because of the location of these new shooters, he wouldn’t be able to follow the direction Mark had taken.  He quickly considered his options.  If he could make it to the cover of the woods he could circle around and take out the shooters from behind, but he must work fast to be able to meet up with Mark again on the other side.

There was one shooter he knew was blocking his nearest escape route to the woods.  He counted the rounds fired, and when he knew the Indian had to stop to reload, he made a mad dash for the woods.

Once in the woods where he felt only a little safer, he ran full speed, ducking under branches and jumping over logs and low bushes.  When he neared a position in back of the Indians who had forced Mark into the other direction, he slowed down and crept stealthily along until he found them, two braves taking cover behind a fallen log, one with a bow and arrow, one with a rifle.  Nate was breathing hard from running, but he struggled to quiet his breathing so as not to give away his presence to them.

He decided to go for the one with the rifle first; a bow and arrow would react slower than a gun, but as he took aim, out of the corner of his eye he saw the other Indian pull back his bowstring.





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