Eagle Rising

Eagle Rising


He rose from the ashes of defeat to become his people’s greatest defender…

“like an eagle rising to the sun”

In Eagle Shadow, readers were introduced to the half-Cheyenne Nate Hunter, an 1860s ranch hand in Montana Territory caught up in the conflict between his two peoples. Having at last gained acceptance among his father’s people, he has spent the past four years building up his ranch with his wife Tara, whose prestigious reputation and inherited business savvy have contributed equally to their success.

Now in the gripping sequel, Eagle Rising, Nate’s standing among his people rises sharply, even as the cavalry hunts him for treason. Under the protection of a powerful Cheyenne chief, he searches for an unseen enemy among both the cavalry and his people, unaware of how very close by danger lurks. Meanwhile, his wife Tara must run their ranch, relying only on a mysterious ranch hand with questionable motives.

Burdened by a past that continues to haunt him, Nate battles to clear his name with an overzealous, take-no-prisoners military commander, pits himself against an enigmatic brave with a heinous secret, all the while trying to protect everything he holds dear–a family he is in danger of losing and a home he misses intensely.

Myriad colorful characters and subplots combine, leading to an explosive story in an unforgettable saga.

Utah landscape


Nate walked to the Appaloosa and took hold of the saddle horn.  As he put one foot in the stirrup, he happened to glance behind him at the valley in which they had camped.  He looked back at the saddle, then his eyes shot back to the valley again.  Two and a half, maybe three miles away, he spied one thin stream of smoke rising to the sky, very faint, but unmistakable.  He had not seen anyone on the journey so far, and he wondered who had camped so close.  He afforded no more attention to the curiosity as he mounted and commenced his day’s travel.

…something made him twist around in the saddle to look behind him.  Against the horizon, now lit by full sunlight, he could make out a tiny dot, which he could tell by size and movement was a person on horseback.  He was undoubtedly being followed.




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