Complaining: The American Way

A lot of people sure like to complain.  It seems to be the American way, and that’s probably because we are such a blessed country that we have come to expect, or feel entitled, to even more.  Case in point:  The reason a lot of people like to shop at Walmart is because they have better prices than almost anywhere else.  The reason people don’t like to shop at Walmart is because it is crowded and often has long lines.  The reason it is crowded and has long lines is because LOTS of people like to shop where there are cheap prices.  It’s the American way. Walmart has been criticized for not paying their employees well.  Walmart has to buy the inventory that they sell just like any other store, so they have to cut corners somewhere in order to pass along cheaper prices to the customers.  Too bad for the employees, but great for the customers.  Plus, refer to the Parable of the Vineyard found in Matthew where the lord of the vineyard paid someone to work all day in his vineyard, then he paid someone else the same amount for only working one hour at the end of the day.  The arrangement was right because the first person AGREED to the wage offered.  His contract with the lord had nothing to do with the contract between the lord and the later worker.  Likewise, no one forces Walmart employees to work there.  They know what their wage is going to be before they accept the job, so they have absolutely NO right to complain.  If they find that the wages are not enough for what they need, then they are free to look for another job.  Walmart will have no trouble finding someone to take their place.  If Walmart ever comes to a point where they cannot keep enough employees around, then they will probably decide they have to pay more.  Maybe that will drive up prices and hurt their business, or maybe not.  Whatever.  It’s the American way.  And yes, it’s true that the Walton heirs and heiresses are multi-billionaires.  If they stole that money or came by it dishonestly, I would have a problem with that.  But if they earned it fair and square, I have no problem with that.  They are entitled to it.  I hope that they are philanthropic with their money and try to help good causes because I believe that when God gives us stewardship over things, he expects us to use it wisely and help others.  Whether or not the Walton heirs do that I do not know, and further, it is none of my business.  That is between them and their God and has nothing to do with me.  And that, too, is the American way.


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