Book Club Snacks, anyone?

Eagle Shadow

I’m headed for a book club in Bountiful, Utah in May, where we will be discussing my book Eagle Shadow. I’m looking forward to meeting the club members there. I have been asked for suggestions for book club refreshments to go along with the Eagle Shadow theme of the evening, and I’m stumped. I thought for sure the characters ate blueberry pie at one point, but alas…must’ve been edited out! About the only thing I can find is where they ate “sourdough biscuits slathered with fresh butter, honey, and fruit preserves.” That does sound mighty good right now, doesn’t it? But I need help coming up with more suggestions for book club snacks. I’ll try to spur you on (hey, spurs are western. Does that lend itself to anything edible?) with a list of keywords:

Old West, ranch, Montana, cowboys, mountains, forests, eagles, Native Americans, tepees, bows and arrows, wide open country, wildflowers, waterfall, log cabin, cattle, rope, leather, saddles, horses, rifle, revolver, holster, general store, furs, campfires, whiskey (no, don’t go there), smuggled provisions, secret meetings, cavalry, fort, wagons, wagon wheels

Well, this is taxing. Let me know if you think of anything before I tell them Oreos!


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