Accountability for Writers

As any writer knows, writing is a solitary business, often done at ungodly hours of the day, thus it’s a job for the extremely self-disciplined, yet many of us are lacking in that area. What we need is accountability, in some way, shape, or form. It’s nice to be your own boss, but you must BE a boss over yourself. Your livelihood depends on it! So I’ve come up with an idea I’m going to try, and (bonus!) I’ve come up with a use for Twitter. I’m going to start tweeting my writing-related (writing, editing, business, marketing) goals for the day, then tweet as I accomplish each one, using the hashtags #amwriting and #accountability. Probably no one will read it, but that doesn’t matter. Just having my intentions out there in cyberspace will make me feel more urgent about them. I will do this Mondays through Fridays. I’m stoked about doing this. Does anyone want to be accountable with me?


  1. I’ve decided that authors have to be REALLY self-disciplined. At least serious, real writers. Because we keep our own hours, we have to motivate ourselves, we have to be consistent and patient too.

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