New Site for a New Year

Welcome to Shelly Davis Books. I am Shelly Davis, author of western novel Eagle Shadow and its sequel Eagle Rising, published under the name Shelly Greenhalgh-Davis. With this new site, I have lifted my moratorium on technology! I am learning to use WordPress and am very excited for the possibilities. I will be regularly blogging about my career and books, giving writing and editing tips, reviewing books and films, dispensing educational tips gleaned from my years as a homeschooling mom, and ruminating on my many observations and opinions. There may even be some inspirational and fun stuff thrown in.

In public, I’m often seen as a quiet person, but you’ll see that my mind never stops talking and it has plenty to say. I love reading, writing, learning, and sharing things I learn, so tie up your hoss, gather ’round the fire, pour yourself some coffee, and let’s visit.

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